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ESACRACK bug reporting

Software problems may be reported using a form which needs to be filled and sent back to ESACRACK team. To improve the efficiency of problem solving, procedures to report bugs are different for ESAFATIG, ESALOAD and NASGRO® software:

  • For ESACRACK main menu, ESALOAD, ESAFATIG and NASGRO 3: fill the questionnaire dedicated to ESA software and submit,
  • For NASGRO 6 or higher: report all bugs directly to SwRI via the the NASGRO user's page.

Known problems report listing

Known problems are :

  • It is not recommended to run other Windows applications when ESACRACK is running. It may affect the colors table allocation of ESACRACK (ESACRACK may continue running with strange colors).
  • Sometimes some information is displayed incorrectly in a window on the screen (e.g. not all options are shown). In most cases manually resizing the window will solve the problem.
  • The buttons in the upper right hand corner of the windows (e.g. "x" to close the window) will not work in most cases. In most cases resizing of windows must be performed by 'dragging' of the borders of the window.
  • Use the appropriate buttons (e.g. "Ok", "Close", "Cancel" and "End") to close the windows.
  • Users should have writing privileges in the ESACRACK4 program (sub)directories.
  • More problems are discussed in the program manual for the different program modules.
  • Otherwise, some memory problems can occur on Windows 2000 when exiting the software.

NASGRO old versions known problems are :

  • Generally, NASGRO modules only run when in- and output files are located in the program directories of the respective modules (NASFLA, NASMAT, NASBEM). This is despite the fact that in some cases files outside these directories can be specified.
  • In Windows NT the main ESACRACK window may stop responding after one of the modules is improperly shut down. It has to be abandoned using the task manager.
    Example: closing NASGRO programs using the "x" in the upper right hand corner. The Exit or Quit command should be used instead.