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If you have problems to login or download (especially in Internet Explorer) this may be due to too high privacy (cookie) settings in your browser. Sometimes using Firefox or Edge helps as well.

Registration form

Please fill out all information below to to request access to a free copy(*) of ESACRACK in the case you are eligible to ESACRACK and/or NASGRO®. The latest available ESACRACK version is 4.4.1 issued in 2022. This new ESACRACK includes updated versions of ESALOAD and NASGRO 10.x and an updated ESAFATIG materials database.
* ESACRACK is in principle available free of charge within the ESA member states. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis.

Please indicate in the box at the bottom of this form whether you require ESACRACK version 4.4.1 either with or without NASGRO 10.x or want to be informed when a new version is released.

IMPORTANT: The ESACRACK software package you requested may include a copy of the ESA
of the NASGRO 10.x crack-growth software, which is subject to specific usage
restrictions. This version of NASGRO is limited to official use by:

  • ESA employees;
  • ESA contractors working on ESA contracts.

All other uses of the NASGRO 10.x version distributed by ESA are prohibited.

For users and projects which do not meet these requirements, a commercial license for an unrestricted version of NASGRO 10.x is available from SwRI (

NOTE: You must fill out all fields to receive your access rights.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with information about downloading the software.

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First name:
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Affiliation (company/institute/center):
Zip Code:
Are you eligible to NASGRO 10:
Space (ESA project) Space (non ESA) Aeronautical
Research Teaching (e.g. univers.) Defence
Description of other field of application / intended ESACRACK use:

In case of problems registering with this electronic form please send a filled registration form on paper to to the following contact:

Mr. G. Sinnema
PO Box 299
2200AG Noordwijk ZH
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 71 5656064