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Frequently Asked Questions

1) On which platforms ESACRACK is running ?

ESACRACK software is available on all windows platforms. The core DLL (dynamic linked libraries) are provided into the installation package and are located into the same directory than the executable. This means that the executables are self-runnable, from a platform to another. However, at the end of the DLL calling chain, a platform dependant DLL (such as run32.dll) is called by the software. This means that some bugs are platform dependent (ex : memory management are differents between Windows 2000 and Windows XP).
The installation program is platform dependent. Actually, the available platforms are Windows NT, XP, 2000, Vista and 7.

2) How can I install a full version from the executable downloaded here ?

All the installation executables delivered on this website are normal zip files. For full versions, installation process runs over two steps:

  • The first step consists in extracting the installation program into the default directory which is set to the default temporary directory (TEMP environment variable provided by the operating system). This directory can be changed before unzipping the installation files. Please, note the directory in order to launch manually the 'setup.exe' file when extracted.
  • The second step consists in running the 'setup.exe' executable located into the extracted directory. Follow the installation instructions provided by this 'setup.exe'.

Note1: you must uninstall all the beta versions before installing a full version (for instance all 4.1.0 beta versions).
Note2 : you don't need to install any older ESACRACK version before installing a full version (for instance 4.0.0).
Note3 : you don't need to uninstall previous version. Installation program will install the new release into a different directory, according to the release identifier.

3) How can I uninstall ESACRACK

To uninstall all ESACRACK full and patched versions, do the following:

  1. Move and save all your OWN data stored in ESACRACK directory,
  2. From the START menu, choose settings/control panel.
  3. Execute Add/Remove Programs in control panel.
  4. Click on Esacrack in the list of programs.
  5. Click the Add/Remove button.
  6. Answer 'Yes' to any "Are You Sure" questions.
  7. Remove manualy the ESACRACK root directory.

Note 1: When removing a patched version, the set of updated files (unzipped from the patch) are not removed. Because the Installshield uninstallation program creates a list of files to remove, the added files are not recognised. To uninstall the patched files, remove the ESACRACK directory manualy.

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