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ESACRACK software package is intended to be used for damage tolerance analysis of spaceflight vehicles and payloads as well as ground support equipment. The package consists of various analysis tools, which allow the user to:

  • Generate load and stress spectra,
  • Perform fracture mechanics analysis,
  • Generate stress intensity factor solutions,
  • Perform fatigue analysis.

For all encountered problems, please report to ESACRACK team using this form.

Package content

The ESACRACK 4.4.0.a package is a set of tools:

  • ESACRACK : the main program allowing to start the following modules:
    • ESALOAD 4.3.0.a: Generate load and stress spectra from load curves associated to events,
    • ESAFATIG 5.2.0.a: Perform fatigue analysis. Contains also a material database,
    • NASGRO®9.0.0 : The NASGRO® program provided by NASA/NASGRO consortium, containing the following submodules:
      • analyze fatigue crack propagation and fracture mechanics to perform assessments of structural life (NASFLA, NASSIF, NASCCS and NASGLS modules),
      • process and store fatigue crack growth properties (NASMAT module),
      • analyze fatigue crack formation (initiation) (NASFORM module), and
      • compute stresses and stress intensity factors (NASBEM module).

NOTE : You need to be eligible to NASGRO® 9.x before downloading the software (even you were eligible for NASGRO® 8.x, NASGRO® 7.x, NASGRO® 6.x or NASGRO® 5.x) otherwise you can download ESACRACK package without NASGRO®. Please, fill and submit the registration form to ESACRACK team before accessing the download area.

Platforms and hardware

The current ESACRACK package contains system files (dll) allowing the software to be run under all Windows platforms. System files are not installed in system directory (WINDOWS, WINNT, WINME) but under each executable working directory. Each module is independent from the operating system.

For all encountered problems, please report to ESACRACK team via the ESA standard Software Problem Report (SPR) form.

About this website

This website dedicated to ESACRACK is in development and being update regularly. In the future, more content is expected on e.g. the following subjects:

  • ESACRACK 4.4.0, and further updates,
  • Frames-2 materials database - beta versions,
  • Other results of the study "Structural Integrity of Pressurised Structures" performed under ESA contract 14923/00/NL/PA'.